— The magical subculture of the Mexican Fire Dancer.


An intimate look at the lives of modern Mexican Fire Dancers, many of whom dream of creating their own mini Cirque Du Soleil. The film follows the stories of several different performers and gives viewers an unprecedented look into their lives and art. A testament to the human spirit and the power of following your dreams while paying homage to the grace and power of artists who risk serious injury to pursue their Art. Filmed on location over a 6 year period this film gives important insight into a magical subculture that seeks to transcend the world’s perception of Fire Dancing.

Photographed, directed and edited by Richard Max Mason

Produced and Photographed by Margarita Porras Limas

Currently in Post Production


— Award Winning Short Film – Time is Running Out


The Unchecked development in the Cancun, Mexico has resulted in the massive environmental destruction of the underground river systems. This destructive “Ecocide” is threatening all forms of animal and plant life and whether or not we choose to accept it; it’s also threatening our very existence. These underground river systems have already been contaminated. This damage is irreversible. Time is running out. These river systems must be protected internationally by the UNESCO World Heritage Center and be included as a Mexican National Protected Area.
These problems in the Mayan Riviera reflect a world gone mad with greed, whose misplaced values are glaringly obvious with our complete obsession with the game of soccer while we pollute and contaminate our own backyard. We are leaving our children with a big mess.

Photographed, directed and edited by Richard Max Mason

Produced by Margarita Porras Limas